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We live in a web of ideas, a fabric of our own making. -- Joseph Chilton Pearce

People always ask how I come up with my ideas for fabric designs and how I go about designing them. There is no easy answer. Sometimes ideas come from everywhere - and sometimes from nowhere.

One of my first designs was for the year 2000 and was called "Somewhere in Time." I knew exactly what I wanted the fabric to look like and had the design finished in less than a week.

My State Flower and State Bird fabrics took nearly 3 years to complete. Faith, Hope and Love, the collection of fabrics that I designed for Northcott's Quest for a Cure Program took less than 24 hours. I never know when an inspiration for a design or collection will occur or how long it will take to take to spring from my head to completed cloth.

I have been designing for Northcott fabrics for the last seven years. The quality of their fabrics is unsurpassed. Northcott's logo says "Cottons That Feel Like Silk." I want each of my designs to be translated to the highest quality 100% cotton fabrics possible and Northcott has never let me down.

Several new collections of fabrics are swirling in my brain right now. I can hardly wait for them to find their way to cloth. As much as each design is special to me, my biggest enjoyment comes from seeing how they are turned into quilts and other projects by quilters and sewers all over the world.

Faith Hope Love Hugs and Kisses I Love Mama Quiltmakers Garden Red Hot Mamas State Bird Fabrics State Flower Fabrics
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